Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Priority Health Network?

    Priority Health Network is the Mercy of Iowa City Regional Physician Hospital Organization's (PHO) provider network that consists of PHO affiliated physicians, Mercy Iowa City, PHO ancillary providers, the Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center, and Washington County Hospital.

  2. How do I know if my provider is in-network for my plan?

    Go to the link for the Provider Directory on our web site or you may call the Mercy PHO office at 319-339-3992 (press 1) to find out if a doctor is considered in-network. As insurance plans vary, please note that it is ultimately the patient's responsibility to know if their plan allows them to see a certain provider at the "in-network" benefit level. If you have any questions regarding your insurance plan, please contact your Human Resources Department or your insurance company.

  3. Which hospitals are available as in-network for my plan?

    Founded in 1873, Mercy Iowa City is the preferred hospital for the Priority Health Network. Located at 500 E. Market Street in Iowa City, Mercy provides healthcare in a wide range of areas. Washington County Hospital in Washington, Iowa is also in-network for the Priority Health Network.

  4. My provider does not have privileges at an in-network hospital. What are my options?

    For your benefits to be covered at the in-network level, both the provider and the hospital must be in-network. You may either choose another physician/provider or pay the hospital bill at the out-of-network benefit level.