The Mercy of Iowa City Regional Physician Hospital Organization (PHO) explores a variety of provider contracting opportunities on behalf of the PHO’s physicians, Mercy Hospital Iowa City, the Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center and other PHO providers.  The PHO serves as a single point of contact throughout this process.

The PHO negotiates participation agreements with numerous payers like health plans, insurance companies, third party administrators, employers and provider networks and other groups, offering residents throughout southeast Iowa access to our exceptional medical community.

The Mercy of Iowa City Regional PHO is a messenger model PHO.  This means that the PHO does not negotiate reimbursement rates, but rather ‘messengers’ or communicates rate proposals between prospective payers and our participating providers.  In addition, our PHO does all of the credentialing and recredentialing for our physicians with these contracted payers (see Credentialing).

Contracting and Credentialing are just two of the important services provided by the Mercy of Iowa City Regional PHO.  These services offer a dual benefit--to our health care professionals and the health plan payers with whom we contract.  Streamlining the contracting process offers our community health system access to health plan members and prospective patients; and offers the health plans easier access to our network of highly skilled and caring professionals.